The Russet Hedge
The Russet Hedge
The Russet Hedge
The Russet Hedge
The Russet Hedge

The Russet Hedge

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Filled with beautiful brown pampas and burgundy eucalyptus, the Russet Hedge is a striking bouquet that will make a lovely addition to your home. 

Height up to 60cm

Photographed in a vase with 22cm height and 11cm width at top

As every stem is natural, please note that colours and shapes can sometimes vary, making each bouquet beautifully unique. 

Care Guide

Do not water your bouquet.
As these flowers are natural and fragile it is normal for fragments to fall off over time; to keep this to a minimum we recommend you style your flowers in a permanent place and keep them out of the way of children and pets.
Avoid direct sunlight as this will make your bouquet fade.
If dust gathers on flowers, place your hair drier on the lowest and coolest setting to remove dust.
Keep out of humid conditions.
If these steps are followed, you can enjoy your bouquet for up to 2 years.